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Sleep Therapy For Ambitious People Ready to Reach Their Full Potential

Why sleep therapy?

Why is sleep therapy essential? Sleep is a fundamental aspect of maintaining health. Our sleep therapy methods, backed by scientific evidence, are designed to address these sleep-related concerns effectively.


Sleep isn't an optional part of life, but a prerequisite for our long-term health and performance. For those suffering from sleep disorders, it is encouraging to know that our techniques have been tested and validated. Utilizing sleep therapy treatments rooted in science for managing insomnia, we provide practical solutions that can help improve your sleep patterns.

85% of our patients reach their sleep therapy goals with us in 4-8 sessions 

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(Re)learn How To Sleep Without Pills

Therapy for Insomnia

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) is the method our therapists utilize to lessen the intensity and frequency of a client's insomnia. Through CBT-I, clients learn to manage: sleep cognitions (our thoughts), sleep behaviors (actions and speech), sleep emotions (feelings), & sleep’s effects on relationships (interactions with others).



How CBT-I Aids Your Recovery

CBT-I offers a wide range of benefits, targeting various issues related to sleep disorders, including:

  • Daytime fatigue

  • Persistent low energy

  • Difficulty in maintaining focus

  • Challenges in memory recall

  • Increased irritability

  • Depression or anxiety

  • Rise in day-to-day errors

  • Constant worries about sleep

Sound Familiar?

Tossing and Turning in bed, trying to fall asleep. Frustrated as you stare at the clock, calculating the hours remaining until your alarm rings, hoping sleep will finally arrive. As you lay awake, your thoughts might spiral into worrying about the coming day, amplifying your anxiety about being unprepared or unable to complete your tasks.












Your mind races with replays of past conversations and mistakes, anticipations of future interactions, concerns about unfinished tasks, or persistent attempts to recall any forgotten responsibilities.

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About Dr. Tal

Hi, I'm Dr. Joshua Tal, a licensed psychologist with a focus on cognitive behavioral therapy for health and sleep issues. I'm dedicated to helping you break free from sleeping pills and insomnia. 


My journey started as a sleep technician, where I realized that pills weren't the only solution. I believe in addressing the root cause, not just the symptoms, to help you reach your highest potential. 


85% Improve in 4-8 Sessions

Our sleep therapy techniques allow you to lessen the impacts of sleepless nights or the need for sleeping pills.


By adopting CBT-I, you can regain control over your sleep patterns and improve your overall sleep quality. 


Explore the potential of CBT-I to transform your sleep today. Get started with a free 10-minute consultation call. 

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Our Specialties

Our expertise lies in offering cognitive behavioral therapy for difficulty sleeping and aiding recovery post-concussions or long COVID.


From restless high-performers to sleep-deprived new parents, we assist in reclaiming deep, restorative sleep. Additionally, we provide therapy for concussion or COVID-19 survivors who haven’t fully bounced back despite other medical treatments. 


Using research-supported cognitive behavioral approaches, we help you move away from symptom anxiety towards reclaiming confidence and mastering life’s challenges. 

Sleep Therapy Online

Dr. Tal is licensed to offer teletherapy in these 30 states along with online sleep therapy sessions in New York and New Jersey.

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