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Who is Dr. Tal?

I'm Dr. Joshua Tal, a licensed psychologist with a private practice on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York City and in Englewood in Bergen County in New Jersey. I help people who are suffering through health and sleep problems. I've seen too many driven, ambitious people think they will never be themselves again or that they will rely on pain or sleeping medications forever. That is not the case! Cognitive behavioral therapy works, and I will help you reach your fullest potential after beating these issues. 


You may feel skeptical that insomnia or pain has a treatment that will work, because it has been such a hopeless and horrible journey trying so many different treatments with many claims and none of them ever work for very long. 

Where it all started

I used to think that pills were the only answer, as well. I previously worked as a sleep technician in a sleep lab. Many patients would come in complaining of insomnia, and when the sleep test came back saying they did not have sleep apnea, they were recommended sleeping pills. 


Sleeping pills are great for short term crises, but many of these insomniacs were enduring insomnia for so long; sleeping pills became a temporary crutch that turned into a life long habit. Surely, there must be another way. There is!

How I help

Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia is an incredibly effective way of alleviating chronic, severe insomnia. Research shows it works as well as sleeping pills in short term measures, and the results stick well when beyond treatment ends. I’ve seen this in my practice. Whether it is the determined hedge fund manager staying up all night worrying about how he will function on so little sleep to the new mom tossing and turning and only getting that light, shallow sleep, I’ve helped them reach their sleep goals and achieve their ambitions. 


Recently, I found a similar issue is happening to people who survive  concussions or cardiac events. They follow medical protocols, get better, but still feel they have not reach 100% of their pre-injury state. Doctors tell them they are all better, but they don’t feel better. 


I help striving athletes and motivated leaders get that 5% of themselves back again following a concussion. Using cutting edge and research based cognitive behavioral treatments, I will help you focus away from concussion anxiety and scanning your head for symptoms and instead building confidence to conquer the work and personal challenges in your life.

Stop the insomnia and health struggle today, book a 10 minute phone consultation with me right now to see how I can help you become yourself again. 



  • Licensed in the states of New York and New Jersey for the practice of psychology.

  • Master's of Science and PhD from Palo Alto University and Stanford University School of Medicine with an emphasis on Neuroscience in Women's Mental Health

  • Practicum and Internship at the Palo Alto and Philadelphia Veteran's Affairs Hospitals

  • Advanced certificates in Motivational Interviewing and Compassion Focused Therapy.

  • Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and English from McGill University

When I'm not providing therapy,  I love to...

  • Ride bikes with my two kids, Ella (8) and Judah (5).

  • Take apart mechanical watches and put them back together unsuccessfully.

  • Experiment with recipes in the kitchen, recently making fermented and crunchy hot sauce.

  • Binge dramadies on Netflix with my wife, although she always seems to fall asleep in the middle and we have to re-watch it the next evening.

  • Sleep!

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