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Sleep therapy like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I Sleep Therapy) can often outperform pills and avoids the undesirable side effects and potential long-term health risks of medication. CBT-I sleep therapy is a short-term and scientifically proven method to address the challenging symptoms of insomnia. It's methods are proven effective.

With CBT-I Sleep Therapy 85% of our patients reach their therapy goals with us in 4-8 sessions.

We are licensed to serve patients in 39 States and New York. Our methods are even safe enough for kids Ages 5 & up.

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How Does CBT-I Sleep Therapy  Work?

CBT-I Sleep Therapy targets worries and actions around sleep by forming a new connection to sleep.

It is normal to not be able to sleep when you have stress in your life. A lot of people can’t sleep when you lose your job, fight with your spouse, or make difficult financial decisions.


Insomnia develops after you start to worry about your sleep. The more you worry, the more you can’t sleep. The more you can’t sleep, the more you worry.


After you worry, you try everything to sleep:

  • meditations

  • medications

  • going to bed earlier 

  • going to bed later

Instead of helping, these actions become a vehicle for the sleep worry, bringing into the bedroom. 


Through a series of experiments and worry challenges, Dr. Tal and his sleep therapists will help you re-learn to sleep. You will learn to train your body and mind to approach sleep with calm and relaxing sleep thoughts and experiences. Dr. Tal will also use CBT:I Sleep Therapy to help you manage any future issues with sleep. You will be able to prevent small sleep disturbances from becoming full blown insomnia, so you can thrive and reach your ambitions. 

Who is CBT-I Sleep Therapy For?

CBT-I sleep therapy works. It is for any person who needs help changing their sleep for good. If you are done worrying about your sleep day and night, done with sleeping pills and their side effects, done with daytime fatigue and mistakes at work and home, then CBT-I sleep therapy is for you. 

How Effective Is CBT-I Sleep Therapy?

CBT-I Sleep therapy is incredibly effective.  85% of clients who finish CBT-I Sleep Therapy reach their sleep goals and transform into the sleeper they’ve only dreamed they could be.


Research has also shown that CBT-I Sleep Therapy helps you sleep for years after treatment. In one study, they checked in with people who finished CBT-I Sleep Therapy 10 years prior, and they were still sleeping well. Furthermore, the American Academy of Physicians recommends CBT-I Sleep Therapy as the first line treatment for insomnia, even before sleep medications.


CBT-I sleep therapy works


Does CBT-I Sleep Therapy Have Risks?

CBT-I Sleep Therapy is online talk therapy, meaning there are no medications to take and medical side effects.


The treatment is challenging, and usually clients doing CBT-I Sleep Therapy experience some increased sleepiness at the beginning of treatment. Dr. Tal and his team of highly trained sleep therapists will use CBT-I Sleep Therapy to show you how to use your sleepiness to fix your sleep.


They will also make sure to protect against any safety concerns and make sure to keep you safe.  

End the Sleep Struggle

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